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Fertilizer automatic batching system to Ukraine site


 On May 20, 2019, the inspection of the automatic fertilizer batching system customized by Ukrainian customers has been completed, and our factory is loading containers in batches.
Fertilizer automatic batching system to Ukraine site
Our company's automatic batching system includes raw material storage, transportation, weighing and batching, dust removal, material mixing and other equipment, involving powder, particles and other materials; our company can tailor-made perfect design scheme for enterprises.

Main features of automatic fertilizer batching system

In the system structure, the small and medium-sized distributed control system is used to realize the problem of decentralized control and centralized management; the system uses programmable controller, which has strong anti-interference ability, simple programming and easy to master, and can operate reliably in harsh environment for a long time; PID adjustment is adopted to improve the batching accuracy of the system, and reasonable working switch can be set according to the production requirements Automatically modify the material ratio of the batching system.