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  • Double Roller Press Granulator
  • Double Roller Press Granulator
  • Double Roller Press Granulator
  • Double Roller Press Granulator

Double Roller Press Granulator

According to the many years of production experience, the DZJ series roller press granulator is a new type of equipment developed on the basis of the original double roll extrusion granulation. It can be widely applied to fertilizer processing, feed produ
Model: DZJ-I 1.0/DZJ-I 2.0/DZJ-I 3.0      
Motor Power: Φ2.5~Φ10/Φ2.5~Φ10Φ2.5~Φ20
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The double roller press granulator is one of the fertilizer granulator equipment.It is a new designed fertilizer equipment by our company based on the fertilizer granulator machine.The machine is widely used for the fertilizer processing industry,feed production units and chemical industry to granulate,produce and process powdered objects.Roller extrusion granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulator,with advanced technology,reasonable design,compact structure,low engery consumption and the corresponding equipment.

The dry powder material is added to the top of the roller press granulator, and the rolls are rotated by reverse and constant speed, biting the material and forcibly compressing.
After the compression, the pressure of the material is lowered, and under the action of gravity and surface tension, it naturally escapes, and the crusher is broken and the granulator is granulated.
Finally, the screener is sieved and the qualified product is packaged. For the material under the powder screener, the returning system returns the fertilizer powder to the raw material bin for re-rolling.
The size of the pressing force of the dry roller granulator can be adjusted according to the requirements of the strength of the granules. Different press rolls can be used for materials of different volume shapes.
Raw materials suitable for granulation
Ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, urea, diammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium silicate, zinc sulfate, phosphorus pentoxide, etc.

1. Installation:
After the roller extrusion granulator arrives at the plant, take the granulator as the main machine, depending on the number of units, and install it in coordination with the granulation process flow chart to find out the elevation and horizontal placement. The machine frame has corner holes, which can be installed on the concrete (the fixed vibration momentum is not big and does not need to be very solid on the concrete foundation).
2. Debugging:
Roller press granulator has been started and debugged before leaving the factory, and can only be put into production after simple debugging after trial use.
Model DZJ-I 1.0 DZJ-I 2.0 DZJ-I 3.0 DZJ-I 4.0 DZJ-II 1.0 DZJ-II 2.0
Production(t/h) 1~1.5 1.5~2.5 2.0~3.0 3.0~4.0 1~2 1.5~2.5
Power 15KW 18.5KW 22KW 30KW 15KW 18.KW
Pressure roller Spec Φ150×220 Φ150×300 Φ186×300 Φ300×300 Φ150×220 Φ150×300
Feed size ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm
Finished product Spec Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ20 Φ2.5~Φ30 Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ20
Speed reducer Model ZQH350 ZQH400 ZQH400 ZQH500  speacial  speacial
Material moisture content 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5%
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