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Basic work for high and stable production of compound fertilizer equipment is essential


Basic work for high and stable production of NPK fertilizer production equipment is essential:

1. First of all, the quality of compound fertilizer equipment should be checked. When purchasing equipment, choose a manufacturer with well-equipped, complete testing methods, and reliable product quality, and purchase under the guidance of technical personnel with practical experience.

2. Choose models with excellent performance. There are many types of compound fertilizer equipment, and the performance of each equipment has its own expertise. It can only achieve the effect by using the advantages of each company on one production line. Good craftsmanship must be realized by good equipment.

3. Check the installation quality of compound fertilizer equipment.

4. The management and maintenance personnel of compound fertilizer equipment must have professional standards, and must be responsible for the equipment, and ensure the integrity of the equipment.

5. The layout of NPK fertilizer production process equipment should be reasonable. The equipment layout must be designed by a professional design department with production experience.

The process flow of compound fertilizer equipment can be divided into: raw material ingredient, raw material mixing, raw material granulation, particle drying, particle cooling, particle classification, finished product coating, and final product packaging. Compound fertilizer production line supporting raw material mixer: mix the prepared raw materials evenly to increase the uniform fertilizer efficiency content of the overall fertilizer particles. Compound fertilizer equipment raw material granulation: send the uniformly stirred raw materials into the granulator for granulation (rotary granulator can be used, or extrusion granulation can be used), compound fertilizer production equipment granule drying: the granulator is ready The particles are sent to the dryer to dry the moisture contained in the particles to increase the strength of the particles and facilitate storage. Compound fertilizer complete equipment, compound fertilizer equipment particle cooling: the temperature of dried fertilizer particles is too high and easy to agglomerate. After cooling, it is convenient for bagging storage and transportation. Compound fertilizer equipment particle classification: the cooled particles are classified, the unqualified particles are crushed and re-granulated, and the qualified products are screened out. Finished product coating of compound fertilizer equipment: Coating qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of the particles. Finished product packaging of compound fertilizer equipment: Put the coated particles and finished products in bags and store them in a ventilated place.

We will persist in the R&D and production of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process equipment, provide compound fertilizer manufacturers with all-round management solutions, and make a small contribution to the development of ecological agriculture.