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Compound fertilizer equipment promotes the rapid development of the industry


NPK fertilizer production equipment occupies a very important position and role in my country's agricultural development, and became a pillar industry that created benefits for the national economy at that time.

Looking at the development direction of society, the compound fertilizer equipment industry has a good development trend, and has become a traditional and new entrepreneurial field. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry has accumulated many years of production experience and has produced generations of compound fertilizer production machinery, from compound fertilizer crushing to compound fertilizer granulation. Now it has absorbed advanced German technology and developed the third generation of new compound fertilizer equipment---Huaqiang series of high-efficiency
NPK fertilizer production process equipment, a new generation of compound fertilizer equipment products with a number of independent patent property rights, and a new type of compound fertilizer equipment integrating three granulation modes, have now become the core equipment of the compound fertilizer equipment industry.

At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the government has paid more attention to the machinery industry. With the expansion of rural urbanization in recent years, the demand for fertilizers is increasing, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. The market space of Zhengzhou Huaqiang compound fertilizer equipment will also become broader, which will become the national economy and create benefits. To promote the implementation of the sustainable development station strategy. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry is one of the professional compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers in Zhengzhou. Welcome to visit the factory.