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Compound fertilizer equipment quickly promotes the development of the national economy


Zhengzhou Huaqiang compound fertilizer equipment quickly promotes the development of the national economy

The complete set of compound fertilizer equipment, disc granulator, fertilizer processing equipment, GS series roller screening machine, organic fertilizer production equipment, compound fertilizer crusher, conveying equipment and other products produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry have developed a new generation of high-performance compound as the core technology. The NPK fertilizer production line uses a special granulator for compound fertilizer production with lower production costs for granulation, and uses the current domestic better screening machine for screening and classification, forming a high-performance compound fertilizer production line with mature technology and better benefits.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang NPK fertilizer production equipment introduces a series of equipment such as disc granulators, compound fertilizer crushers, conveyors, extrusion granulators, and screening and sorting equipment developed by German technology professional research and development, which are dedicated to agriculture, chemical industry, fertilizer, professional compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer screening production technology in municipal engineering and other industries. In addition, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry's compound fertilizer equipment can solve the problems of uneven granulation and difficult screening of compound fertilizer. Its production capacity can be built according to customer requirements. The particle size and gradation of the finished product are determined according to the needs of users, which is convenient and independent of geographic location. Therefore, it can accelerate the urbanization of rural construction and quickly promote the development of the national economy.

Market demand brings challenges. Next, Huaqiang Compound Fertilizer Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to adapt to market development needs and continue to innovate. It will make a fuss about quality improvement and structural transformation, and continue to accelerate the pace of product structure optimization. It will introduce compound fertilizer equipment and organic fertilizer equipment. , NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, compound fertilizer crusher (new compound fertilizer crushing system), compound fertilizer screening machine (drum screening machine), etc. The main series of products have changed to mid-to-high-end sales mode, increasing the thickness of Huaqiang compound fertilizer equipment brand. Fully reflect the value of products, shift the pure focus on sales growth to enrich product brands, and ensure that the sales target of mid-range and above products to a new level is achieved throughout the year.