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How to control the civil foundation construction of compound fertilizer equipment?


As the main equipment of NPK fertilizer production equipment is granulation, drying, cooling, coating and coloring, the four cylinders are usually composed of the feeding part, the cylinder part, the transmission part, the supporting wheel part, the sealing and the discharging part, and the supporting part The wheels and the front and rear supporting rings support the cylinder, and the large gear ring installed on the cylinder drives the cylinder to rotate through the drive system, so the meshing accuracy of the open gear of the cylinder is the key to the installation of the equipment. Each foundation should do the following:

1. According to the construction of the workshop, in order to facilitate the hoisting of compound fertilizer equipment, rationally arrange the construction sequence of the foundation.
In order to reduce the weight of single equipment and facilitate transportation, for example, the dryer is usually made into two or more sections, so on-site equipment assembly is required; the excavation of the foundation will affect the operating space during construction, so whether the workshop needs to be pre-installed leave some basics before the equipment is in place. Generally, you should consider:

(1) It is convenient for large cranes to enter and exit and sufficient space should be reserved at the gate of the workshop;

(2) The workshop is flat and compact, suitable for heavy-duty mechanical construction;

(3) For the excavated foundation pit, if it affects the installation, temporary measures shall be taken or construction shall be carried out after the basic location of larger equipment.

2. Control the gear meshing of the NPK fertilizer production process equipment and the error of the key dimensions of the supporting wheel support to ensure that it is within a reasonable range.
Gear meshing control is mainly controlled by the center distance and height of the drive foundation and the cylinder support foundation; the supporting wheel support also needs to grasp the distance and height difference between the two foundations. Among them, the size of the secondary grouting during the installation process should be reserved, and the error should be able to meet the fine adjustment of the center distance by adjusting the reserved hole.

3. Prevent the subsidence of the foundation
Although the pouring depth and supporting area are specified in the design stage based on the bearing capacity and quality of the foundation, in order to facilitate the inspection of possible sinking and tilting of the equipment foundation before construction, it should be placed nearby before the foundation is poured. An altitude datum ruler is buried around a meter, and four similar rulers are set on each foundation at the same time. The position of these rulers should be as close as possible to the four corners of the foundation, and the appropriate position should be selected accordingly.

4. Make the workshop moisture-proof, waterproof and ventilated
During the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process of compound fertilizer equipment, the materials will absorb moisture, and the workshop will inevitably run, leak, and sprinkle. The air in the workshop will contain harmful substances such as dust and the smell of ammonia volatilized. Therefore, it is necessary to take preparatory measures in the early stage.