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Detailed introduction of supporting equipment for NPK fertilizer production line


Zhengzhou Huaqiang compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer introduces the complete set of NPK fertilizer production line supporting equipment in detail for you:

1. The core part of compound fertilizer equipment is of course granulation equipment, including extrusion granulator equipment, disc granulator equipment, roller extrusion granulator equipment, rotary drum granulator equipment and other granulation equipment , Choose suitable granulation equipment according to the characteristics of raw materials;

2. After the granulation is completed, we need to carry out appropriate drying according to the specific conditions of the fertilizer particles, and the drying needs to be completed with professional dryer equipment.

3. After the drying is completed, some processes still need to cool the material, of course, the help of a rotary cooler will be used;

4. Starting from the preparation of compound fertilizers, mixing equipment such as mixers and crushers will be used

5. After the material is prepared, the material is conveyed to the granulation equipment by the conveyor belt for granulation. Common conveying equipment includes: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, etc.

6. ​​Packaging is a process in the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. After the packaging is completed, the fertilizer particles can be stacked and stacked.

7. After the fertilizer particles are dried and cooled, they need to be screened. The unqualified fertilizer particles are returned to the silo and re-crushed for production. For qualified product particles, the common screening machines are: drum type and vibration type.