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Maintenance and commissioning of compound fertilizer equipment


Compound fertilizer equipment is important equipment for NPK fertilizer production line. In the process of use, attention should be paid to maintenance and inspections should be carried out for a period of time to ensure normal operation.

Compound fertilizer equipment is mainly maintained from the following aspects.

1. Bearings. The shaft of the crusher bears the full load of the negative machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the life of the bearing. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good. These machine the main oil injection points: a. Rotating bearings b. Roll bearings c. All gears d. Active bearings and sliding planes.

2. The newly installed wheel tyres are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.

3. Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine work normally.

4. Pay attention to check the degree of wear of easily worn parts, and pay attention to replacing worn parts at any time.

5. On the plane of the bottom frame of the movable device, dust and other objects should be removed to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the bottom frame when the machine encounters unbreakable materials, which may cause serious accidents.

6. If the bearing oil temperature rises, stop the machine immediately and check the cause to eliminate it.

7. If there is an impact sound when the rotating gear is running, stop and check it immediately and eliminate it.

Installation and test run of NPK fertilizer production process equipment:

1. The compound fertilizer production equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.

2. When installing compound fertilizer production equipment, attention should be paid to the verticality between the main body and the horizontal.

3. After installation, check whether the bolts at various parts are loose and whether the door of the main engine is fastened. If so, please fasten it.

4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment.

5. After the inspection is completed, carry out a no-load test run, and the test run is normal and production can be started.