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Overview of the structure of the rotary coating machine for NPK fertilizer production


The professional and technical personnel of Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Compound Fertilizer Equipment will give you an overview of the structure of the rotary coating machine:

1. Body part: The entire envelope is part of the body, which is welded from high-quality medium-carbon steel plate, built-in special polypropylene or acid-resistant stainless steel liner, and automatically removes scars and tumors from the inside, and undergoes rigorous quality control. And specific technical requirements to reach the intention used by this machine.

2. Bracket part: all the body rolls and some are supported by the bracket, which bears greater force. Therefore, some of the supporting wheel frames of this machine are made of medium carbon steel plate and channel steel welded, and after severe quality control and special technical requirements, they have reached the intention of using this machine for the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. In addition, the most important thing is the tugboat fixed on the shelf. Considering that it will conflict with the machine body rolling belt, our factory specially selects high-quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials, which greatly improves the service life of the machine. The frame also uses forging integrated technology. In addition, there are lifting hooks at the four corners of the supporting roller frame to facilitate loading, unloading and transportation.

3. Big ring gear: fixed on the machine body, toothed with the transmission pinion, and works opposite to the main body. The use of high-tech wear-resistant materials makes the machine longer in use.

4. Transmission part: The entire packaged transmission is the most important part of all body work in the NPK fertilizer production process. The transmission frame is made of high-quality channel steel welded, and has undergone severe quality requirements. The main motor and reducer installed on the transmission frame are all made of ISO products with reliable quality. The motor drives the belt pulley, the V-belt, and the reducer to drive the main shaft to make the body work. During the transmission, the reducer works on the main shaft, and the nylon write-off connector is used to transmit the drive.

5. Rolling belt: fixed at both ends of the body of the rotary coating machine of the compound fertilizer equipment to support all the bodies.