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Design Idea of Control System of NPK Fertilizer Production Line


According to the process of the entire NPK fertilizer production line, the processing quality of the production line depends to a large extent on the control of process parameters (such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc.). Therefore, through online control means, to ensure the temperature stability, pressure stability, flow stability and composition stability of the material during the processing process, it will be able to greatly improve the quality and output of the product, and achieve the purpose of high quality, stability, reliability, energy saving and consumption reduction. Thereby increasing productivity and increasing the economic benefits of enterprises.

The control system design adopts the advanced control technology, control strategy and monitoring technology in recent years, so that the key process equipment of the entire compound fertilizer production line can be automatically controlled, improving the conventional control quality of the NPK fertilizer production process, improving the process control accuracy of the process equipment, and achieving safe and stable production. Improve the data collection of the process parameters of the production process to achieve centralized control operation and monitoring; quantify the process indicators, standardize the process operations, and complete the continuous production control of the entire compound fertilizer production line through the central control room, and gradually reduce the number of on-site operators to achieve "one person" First-line" automated control level, and then combine modern control strategies with the production process, develop an application expert system, realize all the optimization of the production process, integrate real-time production information into the information management system of the whole plant, and realize a full range of optimized control and management.

Because the NPK fertilizer production line uses the above advanced control system to realize the automation of production operations, it improves labor productivity, reduces the labor intensity of workers, greatly improves the labor environment, realizes safe and civilized production, and creates good social benefits.