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Main features of complete equipment for compound fertilizer


Main features of complete equipment for compound fertilizer:

Feeding on the ground: There are fewer workers to feed the raw materials during transportation, and the operation is convenient, fast and safe.

Large output: The NPK fertilizer production process output is 5T~30T per hour. The instrument can be used for seasonal output requirements to set different output parameters during operation. There are three technical specifications for selection, which fully solves the contradiction of need for BB fertilizers due to seasonality.

Small space occupation: The batching system is placed under; the production line has a compact structure, small floor space and low height.

Fully automatic: PLC control, Japanese watch high-precision measurement, fully automated production, fully improved production efficiency and reduced labor intensity of the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process.

High precision: ingredients, packaging, weighing, are all automatic quantitative packaging machines, the proportioning control is strict, and the quantitative error is less than one thousandth.

Good craftsmanship: drum-type mixing, barrel-type lifting, to prevent segregation of the finished product after mixing without damaging the original particle shape of the material; batch mixing, high mixing uniformity.

Easy to clean: The NPK fertilizer production line has no dead corners of hidden grains, and it can be cleaned easily after shutdown and easy to maintain.

Easy management: The main control room of the NPK fertilizer production line can monitor the operating status of each component of the equipment 485 communication interfaces, which is convenient to connect with printers and computers, and can store 20 kinds of formulas, which truly realizes the modernization of production management.

Strong adaptability: suitable for a variety of harsh on-site environments, including alpine areas in the north and humid areas in the south.