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How to operate the compound fertilizer equipment production line?


Nowadays, when it comes to the NPK fertilizer production line, we may not know very well. In fact, the compound fertilizer equipment production line improves the accuracy of the batching and solves the problem of material characteristics. So how to operate the compound fertilizer equipment production line? Let's take a look together below.

1) Preparation before driving   

1. Carefully check whether the main parts of the chain crusher are in good condition, whether the fastening bolts are loose, and whether the lubrication is in good condition. Whether the chain in the crusher is complete, whether there is a three-link chain, if it is immediately filled or replaced, whether there is any material sticking to the wall in the crushing cavity, if there is sticking, it must be cleaned before driving.  

2. Check whether there are foreign objects in the bucket elevator, and whether the reducer and bearings are well lubricated.  

3. Prepare post workers, equipment and original records of the NPK fertilizer production proces.  

2) Driving:   

1. After checking that the equipment is in good condition, it is ready to drive after contacting the front and back procedures.  

2. Start the bucket elevator first, then start the crusher, after the equipment is running normally, start feeding for normal operation.  

3) Parking:   

After receiving the stop instruction in NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, stop the crusher and bucket elevator after the system material has been processed. After parking, inspect and maintain the equipment under its jurisdiction. Check the wear of the chain, clean up the material accumulated in the bucket elevator and crusher, including the pit of the bucket elevator, and clean the environment. In case of emergency stop due to accident or equipment failure, contact the previous process to stop feeding and stop related equipment. After the accident is handled, drive according to the procedure.  

The above content is an introduction to some operations of the compound fertilizer equipment production line; I hope you can pay more attention to it.