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Six details should be paid attention to when changing oil of compound fertilizer equipment


The user of NPK fertilizer production equipment needs to refuel the lubrication points of the equipment regularly. Proper operation must be performed, and improper handling will affect the normal and stable operation of compound fertilizer equipment. Let me talk about the six details that should be paid attention to when changing the oil of compound fertilizer equipment:

1. Change the oil every 3000 hours after use.

2. After 500 hours of use, change the lubricating oil once.

3. The oil level in normal operation of compound fertilizer equipment shall not be lower than the center line of the oil standard, please add it quickly if it is lower than the center line.

4. When replacing the oil in compound fertilizer equipment, clarify the lubricating oil used this time, and then put the clean lubricating oil on the tank again to clean the tank once, then discharge, and then put in new lubricating oil.

5. ​​The transmission box of the compound fertilizer equipment twin-screw extruder should be cleaned every month on a regular basis during normal use, and the lubricant filter should be cleaned every week during the running-in period. To clean up, find the oil filter, open it, and take out the dirt.

Oil change is only a step in the daily maintenance of NPK fertilizer production line equipment. Pay attention to the above six details during maintenance, which can extend the service life and make the production of compound fertilizer equipment smoother. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of compound fertilizer equipment, and its perfect after-sales service makes its products spread all over the country and are trusted by users.