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Introduction to maintenance mode of NPK fertilizer equipment manufacturers


Equipment repair work occupies an important position in NPK fertilizer production equipment manufacturers. The following is a brief introduction to the repair mode:

There are two basic maintenance methods for compound fertilizer equipment: post-mortem maintenance and preventive maintenance (including condition maintenance and regular maintenance). The after-maintenance system is that the compound fertilizer equipment fails to be repaired after it can no longer be used. The purpose is to restore and maintain the normal technical state of the equipment.

Condition maintenance, also known as predictive maintenance, is based on the technical status of compound fertilizer equipment. Aiming at the shortcomings of preventive maintenance, it uses advanced condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology, condition monitoring equipment, and decision analysis system to monitor equipment in real time. Research on the operating parameters of compound fertilizer equipment, predict the service life of the equipment, and formulate an equipment maintenance plan.

The abrasion law of the constituent units of NPK fertilizer production line equipment is the theoretical basis for regular maintenance. The wear of the equipment is proportional to the time of use under the specified working range and environment, and the amount of wear is a function of the time of use. In order to prevent the equipment from being rapidly worn out or causing accidental failures, a preventive maintenance plan is made for certain parts of the equipment during the specified reasonable use time, so that these parts can be repaired or replaced before reaching the allowable wear limit.

At present, most NPK fertilizer manufacturing process equipment manufacturers adopt the mode of shutting down for maintenance along with the production process, which is actually a combination of post-repair and preventive maintenance. Because different equipment adopts this kind of maintenance method, the equipment maintenance can only change with the production cycle, and the maintenance plan is basically a qualitative and empirical high-risk decision, and the maintenance is formulated through collective discussion and approval by the leader. plan. Rough decision-making leads to equipment overrepair or disrepair, which increases repair costs. Equipment managers and technicians have to replace some unreliable equipment as the company’s management strengthens. Often this equipment is unnecessary to be replaced. This is also one of the reasons for the high repair costs and unplanned shutdowns of the compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers.

Establish a maintenance model suitable for the compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers themselves, so as to balance production and equipment, scientifically and rationally arrange production shutdowns and equipment maintenance. It can reduce the passivity and blindness of maintenance work, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing corporate benefits.