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NPK compound fertilizer production line process


The NPK fertilizer production process consists of several processes: raw material pulverization, raw material metering, stirring, granulation, drying, cooling, sieving, and packaging. The production line equipment always adheres to many principles such as “safety, operability and aesthetics” in production, which makes the whole production linear and mechatronics continuous and stable operation, and has very good advancement in the same industry. At the same time, we can also adjust the process flow of NPK fertilizer production line and compound fertilizer equipment according to the specific conditions of customers and specific requirements.

NPK fertilizer manufacturing process:

 Crushing of raw materials electronic batching stirring granulation drying cooling screening packaging

Compound fertilizer crushing equipment:

 Some raw materials before the batching measurement need to be pulverized first, and the materials enter the feeding port of the pulverizer, and the pulverizing machine performs high-speed operation to pulverize the materials to achieve the fineness required for granulation.

Compound fertilizer raw material ratio:

 The automatic batching system strictly adds various raw materials such as N, P, K, and additives to the electronic belt scale according to the requirements of the technician for each raw material addition amount. The raw material addition process requires that the raw material is powdery or granular and does not allow agglomeration. .

Compound fertilizer mixing equipment:

 After the compound fertilizer raw materials are accurately weighed, they are sent to the main belt and sent to the double-shaft mixer for uniform mixing and agitation. The material mixing process makes the materials better fused and granulated.

Compound fertilizer granulation equipment:

 The agitated raw material enters the aggregate belt conveyor and conveyed to a fertilizer granulator machine for granulation.

Compound fertilizer drying equipment:

It can directly heat the granular material fertilizer, evaporate the water, and make the material dry.

Compound fertilizer cooling equipment:

 The cooling after drying can directly cool the hot granular material fertilizer to near normal temperature.

Compound fertilizer screening equipment:

 Screening is mainly to separate the fine powder, finished product and large granular material in the material. First, the fine powder in the semi-finished product is separated, and the large particles are separated. After separation, the large particle pulverizer is pulverized and enters the return belt together with the separated fine powder, and is returned to the granulator for granulation.

Compound fertilizer packaging equipment:

 The finished product is transported by the conveyor to the silo of the packaging machine, and is discharged to the weighing scale body for automatic weighing and sewing into the finished product warehouse to complete the compound fertilizer production line process according to the set weighing weight.