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Precautions for safe operation of compound fertilizer equipment pan mixer


Below, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry will briefly describe the precautions for the safe operation of the NPK fertilizer production equipment disc mixer:

1. Operators, maintenance and maintenance personnel must wear necessary safety equipment at work.

2. The NPK fertilizer production line equipment disc mixer must have a complete and clear "Operation Guide" at the use site, which has been guided by the operation.

3. Operators, maintenance and maintenance personnel must have professional qualifications and relevant work safety training, and be familiar with the contents of the operation guide, especially the safety requirements in the operation guide.

4. Do not remove any safety and warning signs on the equipment (electrical appliances and machinery), and ensure that the signs are clear.

5. The user must formulate operating procedures for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, especially for each maintenance and maintenance work to determine the organization and supervision of special personnel to ensure that each step of the work is carried out safely.

6. ​​Do not remove the safety switch on the side door of the compound fertilizer equipment pan mixer and the emergency stop switch on the control box and PLC control cabinet next to the machine, and ensure that it is in good condition. In case the side door is not closed, the equipment is started and the equipment is in an unsafe state during operation or the accident is forced to stop in time.

7. After receiving the command to start the equipment, the operator must first confirm that there is no staff on (inside) the mixer, and that the side door of the mixer is closed. After confirming that it is correct, the operation can be performed according to the regulations (determined by the user). This entry must be an important step in the operating procedure in the NPK fertilizer production process, and it is emphasized here.

8. When maintaining or maintaining electrical installations or mechanical equipment, you must cut off all power sources related to mechanical parts, lock them, and hang warnings such as "Equipment maintenance, please do not close!" on the control cabinet panel Brand to ensure that the compound fertilizer equipment pan mixer will not start again.