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Principle Analysis of Drum Granulator in Compound Fertilizer Production Line


Most of the granulators used in the NPK fertilizer production line are drum granulators and disc granulators. Due to the large output and flexible use of the drum granulation equipment, it is the first choice for granulators in compound fertilizer production equipment.

A set of standard drum granulation equipment includes granulation cylinder, front and rear roller device, feeding and discharging device, transmission device, gear cover, etc. The structure and principle are as follows:

1. Cylinder: All the granulating equipments in the general NPK fertilizer production equipment are horizontal rotary cylinders, and the interiors of the composite granules contain staggered and different angles from front to back. At the feeding end, a door ring and a spiral copy board are provided for preventing the dumping, and a belt for supporting is installed on the outside of the feeding end, and the cylinder is supported on the supporting device by the front and rear belts. The working temperature setting is generally 350~380 degrees, and can be designed separately if there are special requirements.

A retaining wheel is arranged on the rear idler device to control the axial sway of the cylinder, and the rotation of the cylinder is rotated by the transmission device through the pinion gear fixed to the cylinder gear.

2. The transmission device is composed of components such as motor, reducer, coupling, and pinion assembly.

How it works: Each of the basic fertilizers is separately sieved, and the sieved materials are crushed by a crusher and then sieved. The undersize is fed into the respective hopper. When the granulation system is in operation, each of the basic fertilizers is simultaneously fed into the feed hopper from the respective hoppers according to the batching ratio requirements via the metering equipment, the conveying equipment and the lifting equipment. At the same time, the return material is also fed into the feed hopper along with the base fertilizer via the lifting device.

The basic fertilizer and the return material are mixed to some extent during the transportation and lifting process, and the mixture in the feed hopper is fed to the drum granulator according to a certain feeding speed.

At the same time, saturated steam is introduced under the material layer, that is, the temperature of the material is increased, and the material is humidified. The material forms a rolling bed by the friction generated by the rotation of the drum granulator. The squeezing force generated by rolling causes agglomerates of materials containing a certain liquid phase into small particles, which become cores and gradually adhere to the surrounding powder to form larger particles.

The above is the structure and working principle of the rotating drum granulating equipment in the compound fertilizer production line. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Machinery is a professional fertilizer machinery manufacturer, providing you with quality products and services used in the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. Welcome to inquiry.