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Use and maintenance method of NPK fertilizer machine bucket elevator


Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry will share with you the use and maintenance methods of the bucket elevator for NPK fertilizer production fertilizer equipment:

(1) The hoist should be supervised by a fixed person during the working process, and the supervising staff must be familiar with the machine's performance and have general technical knowledge.

(2) The use of the bucket elevator for compound fertilizer equipment (the characteristics of the conveyed materials, working conditions, conveying volume, etc.) should strictly abide by all the provisions of this manual.

(3) The user unit shall formulate the "Equipment Maintenance and Repair Safety Operation Regulations" for the hoist to be obeyed by the caretaker. The caretaker must have a shift system and carefully check the working conditions of each department of the machine.

(4) There should be a fixed feeding device to feed evenly into the machine. The feeding capacity of the feeding device should be below the rated conveying capacity of the hoist. Too much feed will cause the lower section to be blocked by the conveyed material.

(5) During work in NPK fertilizer production line, the inspection door must be completely closed, and the inspection door that is frequently opened should be equipped with appropriate lighting equipment. If a failure occurs during work, the operation must be stopped immediately to eliminate the failure. If there is a defect that is not suitable for immediate elimination, but does not have a significant impact on the work, it should be recorded and eliminated when it is overhauled.

(6) The caretaker should always check the working conditions of each part, but it is forbidden to clean and repair the moving part of the hoist during operation.

(7) The spring tensioning device of the lower section should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the ring chain has normal working tension. The caretaker should always observe the working condition of the hopper, and the damaged hopper should be replaced in time

(8) The caretaker to take care of the bucket elevator is mainly to observe its working status, cleaning, lubrication, inspection and adjustment and other sporadic tasks in NPK fertilizer manufacturing process.

(9) The bucket elevator of compound fertilizer equipment starts well under no-load, and should try to avoid starting under load, and stop in time after unloading.

(10) In addition to maintaining normal lubrication (lubrication parts, methods, cycles, materials, etc.) and replacing damaged parts during use of the hoist, the defects recorded in use must be eliminated during maintenance, and the damaged parts must be removed and lubricating oil (grease) replaced. The user can formulate the maintenance cycle according to the working conditions of the hoist.