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What equipment does the blended fertilizer production line include?


There are many NPK fertilizer production process, and the choice of bulk blending fertilizer equipment and production process depends on many factors. So how to produce BB fertilizer? Which fertilizer equipment should be used?

NPK blending fertilizer equipment technology

The mixing of powdered fertilizer is a processing method of mixing various basic fertilizers after crushing. In the blending process, the basic raw materials such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, calcium and potassium salt are crushed and mixed according to the formula determination. It is usually carried out in a mixer with fertilizer.

NPK blended fertilizer production line equipment composition

Computer-controlled static batching system → lifting bin → mixing and mixing → weighing by packing scale → automatic packing and sewing → belt conveyor stacking.
NPK blended fertilizer production line

The blended fertilizer production process is directly fed on the ground without processing raw materials to upgrade equipment. The BB fertilizer production line occupies a small area, and due to its low height, there are no special requirements for the factory. Compared with the NPK fertilizer production line, the BB fertilizer production line has a small capital investment in the plant and equipment, which is especially suitable for small fertilizer plants and fertilizer distribution companies.