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Composition description of NPK fertilizer production equipment coating machine


The coating machine is a common processing equipment for NPK fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production process. It is used in the final processing stage of fertilizer granules to wrap a layer of special material film for the particles to make the fertilizer easier to store.

NPK fertilizer production equipment: structure of coating machine

1. The bracket part is made of medium carbon steel plate and channel steel by welding. In addition, the high-quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials are specially selected for the tug which is fixed on the frame because of the greater friction between it and the rolling belt of the machine body, and the casting integrated technology is also adopted for the supporting wheel frame. The four corners of the supporting wheel frame are equipped with hoisting hooks, which are convenient for loading, unloading and transportation.

2. Transmission part: the whole envelope transmission part is superior to the important part, and the work of the whole body is based on this. The transmission frame is welded with high quality channel steel and has passed the strict quality requirements. The transmission reducer is driven by nylon coupling in the working part of the main shaft.
NPK fertilizer production equipment coating machine

3. Big gear ring: The fertilizer coating machine is fixed on the machine body, and it is toothed with the transmission pinion, and the driving body works oppositely. It uses high-tech wear-resistant materials to make the machine have a longer service life.

4. Rolling belt: The coating machine is fixed on both sides of the machine body to support the whole machine body.

5. Body part: The most important part of the whole fertilizer coating machine is the body part, which is built-in with special polypropylene or acid-resistant stainless steel liner to meet the requirements of the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process.