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Performance characteristics of drum screener for fertilizer production equipment


As the screening equipment in NPK fertilizer production process, the performance of drum screening machine has the following characteristics and advantages.

1. The roller screen adopts the principle of rolling conveying, which has the advantages of small friction, slight wear and less screen hole blockage.

2. The support of the screening machine adopts the integral through shaft structure, which has the advantages of stable operation, small vibration and low noise.

3. Screen accessories split design, replacement and maintenance fast and convenient.
drum screener for fertilizer production equipment

4. The screen body adopts an effective fully-sealed structure with little dust.

5. The fertilizer sieving machine adopts deceleration transmission, the power is not large, and the energy consumption is efficient.

6. The screen material and the size of the screen can be customized according to customer requirements.

7. The drum screening machine has high screening efficiency and low maintenance cost.