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Maintenance and use of NPK fertilizer production equipment


Daily maintenance of NPK fertilizer production line should be done well to maintain the initial and basic state of the equipment, constantly discover, prevent and repair the natural deterioration, so that the NPK fertilizer production machine can be repaired in the potential failure state, which is the significance of daily maintenance of fertilizer equipment.

NPK fertilizer manufacturing process includes crushing equipment: chain crusher, vertical crusher, horizontal crusher; mixer; automatic batching system; fertilizer granulator: rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, double roller press pelleting machine; screening machine: drum screening machine, vibrating screener machine; drum dryer, cooling machine; packaging scale has single (double) bucket automatic packaging scale.
NPK fertilizer production line equipment

Maintenance of NPK fertilizer production equipment

1. The bearing of NPK fertilizer production equipment is responsible for all the load of the machine, so the lubrication and maintenance of the bearing should be done well
2. The tyre is easy to loose, so it should be checked frequently and replaced in time
3. Regularly check the wearing degree of vulnerable parts of organic fertilizer production equipment and replace them in time
4. If the rotating gear of NPK fertilizer production equipment has impact sound during operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

We provide customers with a complete set of fertilizer production equipment, as well as NPK fertilizer production process design, project process design, and develop a machine and equipment selection plan suitable for customers. And according to the special needs of users, we can customize equipment specifications and guide technical operators locally.
In the entire equipment sales service, we assist in drawing up construction plans and procedures, and accompany you to complete the acceptance of the production line.
And we also provide after-sales service. The company sends technicians to the site to guide equipment installation, commissioning and training operators.