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Operation points of NPK fertilizer production and transportation equipment


Conveyor is the bridge equipment in NPK fertilizer production line, which plays a key role in the in and out transportation of materials. So, what are the operation points of belt conveyor? Now let's understand the operation points of NPK fertilizer production and transportation equipment.
NPK fertilizer production and transportation equipment

1. During the operation of the conveyor, attention should be paid to ensure that the angle between the conveying device and the ground is not greater than 20 degrees. The conveying capacity of the conveyor is generally 5 tons per hour. In addition, in the process of operation, the personnel should pay attention to the reasonable adjustment according to the specific use situation. At the same time, the moisture content of the transported cylindrical particles and spherical particles should be controlled in the appropriate range of 30% to 35%. The staff operate in strict accordance with the regulations.

2. Whether the conveying device can operate normally, this will directly affect the continuity of organic fertilizer generation, which will affect the processing efficiency. Therefore, before using the personnel, some preliminary preparations are required.

3. For the operation of the conveying device, as far as possible to prevent deviation, slipping, etc., the staff should pay attention to timely adjustment of the elastic device. And pay attention to the operation, ensure that the machine is running normally before conveying materials. After the work is over, pay attention to the shutdown along with the NPK fertilizer production process to prevent unnecessary waste of power and better save resources.