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Purchasing skills of belt conveyor in NPK fertilizer production line


In the process of material transportation in fertilizer production, belt conveyor plays a transitional role, and it is also an important auxiliary equipment in NPK fertilizer production process. How to choose belt conveyor correctly? Fertilizer equipment manufacturers give you the following two practical skills:

1. The belt speed of belt conveyor should be selected correctly. The longer the horizontal conveyor is, the higher the belt speed should be; the larger the inclination of the conveyor is, the shorter the conveying distance is, the lower the belt speed should be.

2. It is necessary to clarify factors such as the industry targeted by the belt conveyor, the material of the conveyor belt, and the technical parameters of the bandwidth. For example, the rubber belt is suitable for working environment temperature between -15~40℃, and the material temperature does not exceed 50℃; plastic belt has the advantages of oil, acid, alkali resistance, etc., but it has poor climate adaptability and is easy to slip and age.
For example, when the conveying capacity is large and the belt is wide, a higher belt speed should be selected; for materials that are easy to roll, have large particle size, have strong grinding ability, or are easy to raise dust and have higher requirements for environmental sanitation, a lower belt speed should be selected, such as NPK fertilizer manufacturing process.
belt conveyor in NPK fertilizer production line

Belt conveyor can transport all kinds of materials, which is suitable for NPK fertilizer production industry. It has the advantages of economy, large capacity, good continuity and stable work. The conveying machine can not only transport materials in a single machine according to the requirements of customers' conveying process, but also transport materials in a long distance in a rugged and complex environment, realizing automatic and integrated production operation.