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NPK fertilizer equipment automatic batching system has five advantages


The automatic fertilizer batching system has five advantages. The NPK fertilizer production equipment manufacturers are summarized as follows:

1. Optional computer batching system;

2. Automatic batching system can be used with man-machine graphic control interface to control the whole plant process;

3. The automatic batching system can control a variety of raw materials for fast and slow multi-stage feeding control;

4. It can plan and design all kinds of feeding systems (gravity blanking, bucket conveyor, screw, belt, vibrating feeder, etc.) and all kinds of valves (butterfly, knife, ball and fan valves, etc.) according to the characteristics of customers' raw material measurement;

5. The automatic batching system can store more than 100 kinds of NPK fertilizer production process formula, which is easy to operate and maintain.
NPK fertilizer equipment automatic batching system

Features of NPK fertilizer production batching system

1.Our automatic batching system is an automatic batching device that can be used with BB fertilizer equipment, NPK fertilizer equipment, compound fertilizer equipment, and organic fertilizer equipment. It can complete automatic proportioning according to customer needs.
2.This machine is used for weighing, distributing and mixing a variety of raw materials, instead of manual weighing or volume measurement.
3.It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast distribution efficiency and high degree of automation. It is the main part of the complete fertilizer production equipment.

The automatic batching system greatly improves the efficiency of the entire production line. What is the price of the automatic batching system? This depends on the specific model. At present, our company has successfully launched multiple sets of NPK fertilizer production line, blended fertilizers, and organic fertilizer complete sets of equipment with batching systems, with an output of 10,000 to 200,000 tons per year, which is suitable for various types of production.