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How to add fuel to the maintenance of NPK fertilizer production equipment


How to add oil and material to NPK fertilizer equipment maintenance? In the process of using NPK fertilizer production line, one thing that has to be mentioned is the problem of changing oil. The wrong way of changing oil often causes great damage to NPK fertilizer production equipment and affects operation efficiency. So how to add oil correctly?
NPK fertilizer production equipment

Here is a common problem. It can be seen not only in the replacement of fertilizer production equipment, but also in all motor vehicle industries. That is, when the engine oil is not completely used up, new oil is added and the old and new oil are mixed. This practice will aggravate the friction, because there are a lot of oxidizing substances and dust in the old engine oil. In fact, here's a trick to teach you: waste oil can be added to the air filter panel.

Good equipment requires users to take care of it carefully. In the production process of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, the knowledge of correct use of oil is a small aspect, and more maintenance skills need to be mastered slowly. For example, what needs to be prepared during installation? Is the voltage stable? Is it cleaned regularly.