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NPK fertilizer equipment granular coating machine best-selling fertilizer factory


Large scale NPK fertilizer production equipment particle coating machine is popular in fertilizer plants and favored by users. In a production line processing NPK fertilizer, every link of the equipment is very important, in which the role of particle coating machine can not be underestimated.
NPK fertilizer equipment granular coating machine

The coating function can form a protective film on the surface of granular fertilizer to isolate from the outside air, so as to effectively prevent the salt bridge effect and moisture absorption on the fertilizer surface, and also improve the brightness of the particle surface. In addition, some trace elements can be added to NPK fertilizer production process to improve fertilizer efficiency.

There are many models of NPK fertilizer coating machine in Huaqiang equipment factory. The common inner diameters are 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm. We can also customize them according to the requirements of customers. Generally, it is recommended that fertilizer manufacturers choose according to their own output.