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Compound fertilizer production equipment promotes industrial efficiency


NPK fertilizer production equipment has long changed from price competition to technological competition. The excessive dependence of my country's compound fertilizer production equipment on foreign high-end technology has severely restricted the sustained and stable development of my country's industry. But at present, our country is facing the tasks of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building a conservation-oriented society, and developing a circular economy. The domestic market is very broad. If compound fertilizer equipment processing enterprises can accelerate technological innovation and adapt to market demand, they will make considerable profits.

From the perspective of the product, there is no difference between domestic compound fertilizer production equipment and foreign products. However, due to the lack of software support, its technical performance is greatly reduced, causing some users to buy foreign machinery and equipment at high prices rather than domestic equipment at low prices.

Due to the continuous application of various high and new technologies, the development of the NPK fertilizer production line equipment industry in various countries has been greatly promoted. Continuous production has replaced intermittent production, specialized production has replaced general production, and large-scale production has replaced small and medium-sized production. The quality control of the final product is replaced by the whole process quality control, and the continuous production, specialized operation, automatic adjustment, full process control and industrialized operation of processing and process are realized. These technological leapfrogs are mainly due to the high and new technology playing an important role in the application, and this effect is becoming more and more significant.

It can be seen that for companies engaged in NPK fertilizer production process equipment, more attention should be paid to how to optimize equipment and how to improve their own hardware level. If the focus is mainly on price, development will be greatly affected in big restrictions.