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Use and maintenance of NPK compound fertilizer production line equipment


What I want to explain to you today is the use and safety precautions and maintenance of NPK fertilizer production equipment. Please understand it carefully.


1. Whether the machine rotates flexibly, whether there is any sundries in the machine, start the operation after 3 minutes of idling and no abnormal phenomena.

2. When working, you must pay attention to removing the debris in the materials. It is strictly forbidden to enter the machine, such as iron, stone, etc., to avoid damage to the machine.

3. In order to avoid accidents during transportation, loading and unloading of the machine, check whether the bolts and nuts of each part are loose, flat teeth, round teeth, and spindle nuts before use. Turn the pulley by hand to check whether the machine collides.

NPK fertilizer production line equipment daily maintenance:

1. Wipe the equipment with a soft cotton cloth every day to keep the appearance clean and tidy.

2. Check the air source triplex before starting the machine every day, add lubricating oil when the oil level is insufficient, and drain the water.

3. Clean the lint in the dust box every day to ensure good ventilation, so that the equipment can play the drying effect.

Monthly maintenance of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process machines:

1. Check the belt tension and adjust the pulley.

2. Open the back box cover and clean the inside of the equipment with a soft cotton cloth.

3. Add lubricant to moving parts such as bearings to reduce friction.

4. Strengthen the parts that are prone to loose and fall off after vibration, including electrical wiring, door rocker arms, pipe connections, etc.

5. Regularly clean up internal dust.

Annual maintenance of NPK fertilizer production process machines:

1. Check the grounding of the equipment and ensure its reliability.

2. Check whether the fixing bolts of the machine base are loose and firm.

3. Check the tightness of the support spring connection and adjust it from time to time.