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Dry powder extrusion NPK fertilizer granulation production process


DZJ series dry powder roller extrusion granulator is a new product developed by our factory in NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer equipment. Double roller press granulator adopts the non-drying NPK fertilizer production process. It is produced at room temperature and the granules are formed at one time, and the quality meets the standard.

Advantages of dry powder extrusion granulation

The compound fertilizer produced by double roller press granulator is mainly produced by van der Waals force. The granular fertilizer has the characteristics of anti caking, anti crushing and high strength. NPK granular fertilizer is easy to be sown and applied deeply, which completely solves the difficulty of sowing and applying powdery fertilizer. At the same time, the hard granular fertilizer dissolves slowly after being applied into the soil, which is conducive to the absorption of ammonium ion by the soil. Therefore, the fertilizer effect has the characteristics of slow and controlled release, which makes the fertilizer effect fully play.
Dry powder extrusion NPK fertilizer granulation production process

Characteristics of NPK fertilizer production process with roller granulator

Because the granules made by the roller granulation mechanism of dry powder need not be dried, the investment of one-time fixed equipment is greatly reduced. In terms of output, a single roller granulator produces 1-3 tons per hour, and multiple machine combinations produce 2-10 tons per hour. The power consumption is 11-30kw, which belongs to low energy consumption and high output model. In addition, in the whole process of NPK fertilizer production, because of the molding mechanism of roller granulator, there is almost no temperature rise of materials. Therefore, for volatile fertilizers (such as ammonium bicarbonate), the nutrients will not be lost, which is also conducive to environmental purification.

Scope of application

Dry powder extrusion NPK fertilizer granulation production process, the material is formed in one time, uniform particles, high strength, high granulation rate, no damage to material properties. And environmental protection, no three waste emissions.

Suitable for single fertilizer granulation: ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate, etc.

Suitable compound fertilizer granulation: organic compound fertilizer, inorganic compound fertilizer, biological bacterial fertilizer, ternary compound fertilizer, mixed fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer, etc.